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2023 Officers 

The Board of Directors of the HHCA envision a community that offers an inspiring lifestyle, quality of life and is a desirable place to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends and community.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Karen Pike, President

Jeff El-Khalidi, Vice President

Martha Wilson, Treasurer

Brenda Beiter, Secretary

Jeff Good, House Committee

Our mission is to enhance and preserve the quality of life and sense of community through effective and efficient management of the Association and support initiatives that benefit the greater good of the community.

Benefits of Joining

  • Work together as a team to affect change to benefit the Harbour Heights community

  • Meet your neighbors and make new friends

  • Stay informed about your community

  • Join in the many activities

  • Support our neighborhood school, Deep Creek Elementary

  • Receive a 25% discount on hall rental for member residents, 15% for non-residents

We Need Your Support Today!

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