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September: House Committee Update


New gutters have been installed on the HHCA building. Six inch gutters with leaf guard protectors were included.

Faschia Boards

The existing fascia boards were found to be rotted and needed to be replaced prior to gutter installation. Joseph Usher, Jim McBride and John Ginter took on the task after the President and Board approved and appropriated the funds. New fascia boards were installed with aluminum wrapping to prevent future water damage.

Trash Cans

The trash cans now have a new ‘house’ somewhat hidden from sight.

Future Projects

We are planning new projects for the shrubbery around the Civic, painting the exterior of the building is also in the works and we would love to see a new paint scheme.

If you have a suggestion please contact Dan Topp at (941) 626-8456 or Joe Usher at (501) 366-3658.

For the future, we need to plan some fundraisers in order to be able to implement the outdoor patio designs created by Chris Alonso of TOPO_GRAPHIC Landscape Architecture.

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